Webinar – 25 April 2019

Our webinar, 8 Reasons Why Online Communities Fail – and, how we can help, drew a good audience who came up with some interesting questions at the end. We’ve had some good initial feedback with some of the points provoking discussion about the disciplines of running a successful online community.

The content of the webinar

The webinar covered the reasons why online communities can fail and, where appropriate, how our Communities247 platform can help.

The key (and sometimes neglected) reasons for failure that were discussed are:

  • Reason for being – why does the community exist?
  • Putting in the effort – enthusiasm is not enough – what must you do to keep a cohesive community?
  • Building trust – to belong to any community requires a level of trust
  • Fear – don’t be frightened about what you might find out and fear losing control of your brand
  • Something in it for the community – it’s not just about rewards for taking part – it’s much more
  • Community engagement – how can you keep your community engaged?
  • Easy to use platform – it should easy for the administrator and easy for the participants
  • Wide range of activities – the platform must allow a good range of activities – Communities247 does just that!

Where next?

The aim of the webinar was to encourage researchers to think about some of the less obvious aspects of running a successful online community. If you would like a free trial and/or introductory session to our highly acclaimed platform, Communities247, please contact us right now! Contact nikki.sunga@mrdcsoftware.com.

Phil Hearn

Author: Phil Hearn – Date posted: 26 April 2019
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