How Will The Coronavirus Affect Market Research In Indonesia & The Asia Pacific Region With Yanti Nisro

In our recent podcast, MRDC Software’s founder, Phil Hearn, talked with Yanti Nisro about how the coronavirus pandemic will affect market research in Indonesia and across the Asia Pacific region. Yanti was President of PERPI, the Indonesian market research association, from 2012 to 2018 and is currently Indonesia’s ESOMAR representative.

“…this unfortunate situation, forcing us to move and to transform, and at the same time this will change us permanently…”

One of the uplifting things to come out the podcast was the positive attitude Yanti took with the current crisis. While she did not display any signs of a ‘head in the sand’ attitude, the challenge was to embrace change and make the most of life. This approach equally applied at the individual and business level.

“…the opportunity for all the decision-makers to review what its company does.”

Yanti called on business leaders to take a hard look at what they were doing and be prepared to move both the way their businesses operate and to help the market research industry to move forward.

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(Regarding face to face surveys) “…forcing all of the companies to move to online…the only way to continue.”

Yanti agreed with Phil that too much of Indonesia’s market research had been carried out for too long as face-to-face interviews. Now, there was a genuine need to move online. Phil added that market research had also generally been slow to present survey data online and that MRDC’s focus was to bring online dashboards into mainstream market research.

“I believe a human being is a being that really adjusts well in any situations and so there will be a new norm.”

Part of Yanti’s busy life is spent working for PIJAR in Indonesia, an organisation that promotes personal growth and taking time to reflect on life. It was interesting to hear how important she felt these considerations were, particularly at these challenging times. Phil raised the interesting point that this crisis had caused fear among most groups of people at all life stages.

“I really appreciate what ESOMAR has been doing. For example, in Indonesia we are working together with PERPI … we are planning to set up a webinar or call sharing about how to do online research … that is what is really needed for most of the market research agencies in Indonesia.”

Yanti also highlighted the valuable role that ESOMAR is playing in working with national associations, such as PERPI, to help with steering market research through the crisis and into the future.

With Yanti sharing her thoughts, it’s hard not to feel positive about the future even though we are in the middle of, arguably, the most difficult times for many years.

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