MRDC Software partners with IDS

I am pleased to announce a new partnership, reflecting the growth of our market research software customer base. The partnership is not only about growth into new territories but also about having a highly skilled technology partner. Whilst MRDC Software will continue to support its South East Asia customers from its Philippines base, IDS will be promoting MRDCL and MRDC’S other software products in India and the Middle East.

Why MRDC has partnered with IDS

MRDC has seen a rapid growth in the interest of its products in India and the Middle East over the last two years. Whilst MRDC is well represented in Europe and much of Asia, we recognised the need for local expertise in working in complex markets such as India and the Middle East. India and the Middle East are very different markets, of course. India has become a big outsource centre for companies around the world, but it is driven by innovation. The Middle East is a relatively new territory for MRDC and we felt that local knowledge of the markets was important to or success.

The partnership is more than territorial

However, the partnership is not just about coverage of new markets or markets where there is potential for growth. One of the key factors that attracted us to IDS is the fact that they are processors of data, users of data and providers of data. Traditionally, we have sold software to help customers to process data efficiently, but we have not necessarily looked at innovative ways of helping customers deliver data effectively. We feel that the expertise IDS offers in delivering data and information will help to push MRDC in the right direction and give clients even better opportunities in the future.

What it means to IDS and MRDC

In our recent press release, Sarath Kalliat and myself commented as follows:

IDS Managing Director, Sarath Kalliat said “We are delighted to be offering MRDCL, the key feature that drew us to this product is the enormous productivity it offers over other products. We see many opportunities in the region and are confident we will develop a growing relationship with MRDC.”

I stated that I felt IDS were “ideal partners”. I added “We have been impressed by the way IDS approach data analysis and reporting in a modern way, exploring methods and potential business both inside and outside of traditional market research. The user base of MRDCL has expanded around the world rapidly over the last five years. Whilst we have strong representation ourselves in Asia Pacific, IDS’s reach offers new opportunities in India and the Middle East”.

IDS have acted to gain expertise in our software

IDS have quickly established a team capable of supporting and supplying tabulation services and are already looking to market MRDC’s other products during the coming months. I have been impressed by their willingness to learn, try new things and to provide research data as clients really need it.

The future benefits of our partnership

I expect to see some real benefits from this partnership as it is not simply a way for us to gain entry to new territories. I see this

partnership as a way to expand into new business areas by providing what customers want. MRDC’s goal is to enable easier data integration, giving clients access to research and other data in the way they want.

The next generation of software for market research

I see this partnership and other partnerships as the way forward for the market research software industry. The days of one software system providing a complete solution for research agencies are, I believe, gone. Providers of research services will usually need to plug together the software tools that meet their wide, varied and, often, evolving requirements. The ‘one software solution’ will tend to suit only specialists or small teams that are providing a single type of service.

IDS and data integration

This brings me back conveniently to IDS, who, I feel, have a real strength in understanding the challenges of data integration and will be working with us to ensure that MRDC can contribute fully to offering some of the tools needed to provide what clients really want. The journey started a little while ago, but it has a long way to go – further than some suppliers are, perhaps, trying to claim. This will lead to a separate blog article in due course, I suspect!

Your views

If you want to discuss these issues in greater depth or have any ideas for cooperation, please contact me – I’m always happy to share ideas.