QPSMR: Examples of Inputs and Outputs

  • QPSMR presentation- data collection and tables using an easy interface
  • Manage your project

    Add, edit and view questions on your questionnaire

    manage your survey questions using QPSMR
  • Prepare your questionnaire

    Add questions by typing in texts or pasting from another source

    Paste your responses in from Word, Excel or some other source
  • Filters and routing

    Apply simple or complex routing instructions

    Apply filters to a question or blocks of questions
  • Data entry

    Use easy to follow screens for data entry

    Data entry using QPSMR
  • Data drill down

    Use data drill down to explore your data

    Data drill down lets you see significance in data tables
  • Prepare tables

    Set up batches of tables with any number of tables

    Specify the tables you need in QPSMR
  • Run tables

    Produce a volume of tables

    Manage tables and produce all the analyses you need
  • Tables in Excel

    View and use tables in Excel

    Output your tables to Excel
  • Tables as text

    View and use tables in .TXT format

    Produce tables using QPSMR
  • Export data

    Output data in Triple-S, SPSS, CSV and other popular formats

    Export data from QPSMR to other formats
  • Free distribution of project in Resolve

    Distribute your project to colleagues and clients for further analysis in Resolve

    Produce reports from QPSMR
  • CATI

    Get the add-on module so that you can carry out CATI in a telephone centre

    QPSMR CATI interface

QPSMR is an easy-to-use software package for handling data entry, CAPI and cross-tabulations. Its friendly user-interface makes it an ideal tool to handle large and small surveys.

QPSMR has a CATI add-on module that manages all aspects of telephone surveys.