Surveys have changed, market research software has changed, clients have changed.

Data management might sound like an uninteresting topic, but it has become increasingly important as we need to do more with our data. Data needs to smoothly from data collection to analysis to reporting.

Our flagship software package, MRDCL, still leads the world for tabulations, but data management, automation, data delivery are increasingly becoming the core features of MRDCL.

The webinar content

The topic will be covered in some depth in this two-part series. In the first webinar, Phil Hearn, MRDC Software’s Technical Director, will be outlining the important data, analysis and reporting issues. In the second webinar, Phil will show a live example and highlight areas that affect productivity, profitability, and efficiently provide deliverables.

Key takeaways

  • Considerations in the changing market research landscape
  • Tips, tricks and pitfalls
  • How to manage data efficiently