MRDCL: Examples of Inputs and Outputs

  • MRDCL scripted tabulation software
  • The MRDCL Editor

    Enter script using the colour-coded editor

    Specify variables and definitions using MRDCL script
  • Imports and Exports

    Import and export projects from/to most formats including Triple-S, SPSS

    MRDCL imports and exports to/from Triple-S
  • The MRDCL language

    Learn how to write MRDCL’s logical syntax

    MRDCL a logical scripting language
  • The MRDCL language

    Use MRDCL’s powerful scripting tools for repetitive requirements

    Use the colour coded editor in MRDCL
  • MRDCL Templates

    Build your own templates to automate complex or repetitive tasks

    Use EPS to automate tables and outputs from MRDCL
  • MRDCL tables

    Produce tables in TXT format

    MREDCL tables in .txt format
  • MRDCL tables

    Or, output your tables in Excel format

    MRDCL tables in Excel
  • Produce a table index

    Hyperlinked tables in Excel at the click of a button

    Produce MRDCL tables in Excel format
  • Free use of Resolve Base

    Give research execs and clients access to tables and charts from your MRDCL data

    Export MRDCL surveys to Resolve to share data with clients and collegues
  • And more....

    Produce tables in Resolve or export your data to most MR formats

    Tables as .txt files using MRDCL

MRDCL is a powerful tool for data processing professionals to maximise their productivity to produce cross-tabulations using the most advanced scripting language available.

MRDCL comes with its own template builder so that you can tame the most complex or repetitive requirements.