Snap: Examples of Inputs and Outputs

  • Snap presentation - from data collection to reporting
  • How Snap works for you and your clients
  • Languages

    Use multiple languages for your survey

    Snap can collect data in any language
  • Branded questionnaires

    Brand your questionnaires and use templates

    Branding questionnaires is easy to apply
  • Complete set of survey tools

    Use drag and drop tools and much more

    Use drag and drop for responses
  • Send alerts

    Results from any part of the surveys can be relayed to call centres as alerts

    Information from surveys can be sent to call centre or CRM
  • Databases connectivity

    Read data from databases and/or write back for CRM system updates

    Snap interacts with database read and writing
  • Adaptive questionnaires

    Questionnaires automatically adapted to screen resolution plus customisation for each device type

    Use Snap to collect data on any device
  • Summarise data

    Snap comes with a selection of summary reports

    Summary report of data in Snap
  • Charting and infographics

    Produce charts from a wide range of styles and your own infographics

    Bar charts in Snap
  • Cross-tabulations

    Produce cross-tabulations by banners using any of the table formatting options

    Cross-tabulations in Snap
  • Smart reports

    Produce smart reports that link data to reports automatically

    Charts, infographics and tables in Snap reporting
  • Smart reports

    Automating multiple reports

    Produce multiple high quality PDF reports
  • Smart reports

    Make report content conditional on calculated data

    Produce smart reports in Snap

Snap is an end-to-end system for collecting data, producing results and distributing reports to customers. Data can be collected from paper questionnaires, by CAPI (by interviewers on tablets) or online (CAWI).

Everything you need for tables, charts and producing automated reports is included in this one powerful package.