The CYS Platform: Examples of Inputs and Outputs

  • THE CYS Platform - research, data management and data visualisation
  • The Platform itself

    Manage your surveys, data and dashboards in one system

    Set up your own look and feel for your environment
  • Questionnaire builder

    Design your surveys and manage surveys from start to finish

    Build your online questionnaires
  • Data management

    Manage all your data sources from one place

    The platform allows you to build surveys and manage data
  • Online dashboards

    Produce intuitive dashboards

    Display data as client need it
  • Online dashboards

    Make use of tables, charts and infographics

    Make use of the charting tools within The CYS Platform
  • Online dashboards

    Use tabs and filtering tools to allow users to browse the data

    Use widgets to produce attractive dashboards
  • Online dashboards

    Dashboards are available on any device 24/7

    Access dashboards on any device
  • Infographics

    Build infographics that bring data to life

    Produce infographics that are meaningful to clients
  • Online dashboards

    Provide key data from many sources at everyone’s fingerips

    Display data in a convenient way within CYS Platform
  • Online dashboards

    Build attractive infographics that explain the data

    Customised infographics in The CYS Platform
  • Online dashboards

    Show as much or as little data you need on every page

    Customised infographics in The CYS Platform
  • Online dashboards

    Bring data to life

    Easy to understand dashboard in the CYS Platform

The CYS Platform allows you to collect online data, manage respondents, manage surveys and produce dashboards displaying your data to any design of your choice.

Data can be available in multiple tabs with filtering enabled. Dashboards can show data from any number of surveys or data sources, including sales data, KPIs and other business data.