Resolve premium is here!

is the only software product in the world that allows you, entirely through a graphical user interface (GUI), to produce market research crosstabulations of any complexity efficiently, allowing colleagues and clients to create their own analyses and charts as well as giving you more choice in how you handle your data analysis for each project most effectively. Heck, that was a long sentence. Oh, and I didn’t even mention that it’s a fraction of the cost of almost every other product that can produce crosstabs.”

Resolve Premium gives you access to add-ins that allow you to specify any tabulations interactively, either using one of our 20 free add-ins or by building your own custom add-ins.

This Webinar will show you

  1. How you can share projects with clients for free with Resolve Base
  2. How Resolve Premium lets you choose how to work on a project by project basis
  3. How add-ins can make complex tasks easier
  4. How add-ins can make time-consuming tasks faster
  5. How you give your clients access to any project inexpensively
  6. How you can build your own add-ins

PLUS: A brief insight into what is coming later this year!

Resolve Premium costs a fraction of other systems such as Q Software, SPSS, Wincross, mTab and others, yet it has more power for tabulations than all these products.