Our webinar, Choosing the right software for market research (running time: 47 minutes), was a change from our usual webinar themes. Based on our experience, the webinar discussed the 14 key things that we think you should consider when buying software for market research purposes.

Webinar content

Whilst functionality and price are almost always considered, things such as productivity, data compatibility, training, value, support are often not considered as fully as we believe they should be. You are right to be sceptical when a software provider suggests what you should be considering, but at MRDC, we think attracting the right customers is more important than the number of leads we get. This is why we organised this webinar – to help you consider what will give you a better experience when using market research software.

Direct questions

When buying software, we recommend that you ask potential vendors a number of direct questions which will help you to choose the right software. We are keen for this webinar to progress to a discussion, so feel free to write to me, whether you agree or disagree with my thoughts, or have further ideas. I will be pleased to publish anything that adds to the debate.

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