Resolve is a new crosstabulation and charting product for market researchers and clients to analyse and report market research data. At first sight, this might seem like nothing new…

For too long, research agencies have produced tables, counts and percentages from their survey data and then used different methods to put those figures into reports in the forms of tables, charts and other infographics.

The price of producing an online dashboard for market research projects is getting cheaper. This is good news for an industry that needs to deliver data to its customers effectively. But, is it viable for every project?

If you want several automated PDF reports, there are a few software solutions, such as those provided by Tableau as well as some generally expensive Business Intelligence systems. The alternative is to find a services provider that can automate the reports either by using a software platform or by programming report production in some way.

Report automation can save you time and money as well as reduce the risk of errors. This article explores when report automation works and whether MRDC can help you with your automated reporting requirements. This article focuses on reports to Excel, PowerPoint, Word or PDF format, but many of the comments are equally applicable to online reports and dashboards that we produce.

Automated reporting can save you money and hours of your time. Whether you want reports in Excel, PowerPoint, Word or PDF format, the cost of automating reports can vary from the cost a one night stay in a 4-star hotel to the cost of family car. As specialists in report automation, this article aims to give you some guidance on what affects the cost of automating reports for your business.

If you have data that you want to track over time, handling the analysis and reporting efficiently, is going to be important. Tracking studies are used in market research, marketing and other fields measuring performance. It is crucial that an efficient system in is place to handle the analysis and reporting of a tracking study. A poorly organised tracking study may take as much as 20 times as much staff time to carry out as a well organised study.

At MRDC, we are often involved in the analysis and reporting of employee surveys. Having collected this valuable data, how do you deal with the problems of delivering reports and information to everyone, whether it is senior management or teams around the region or the world?