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Is MRDCL the only replacement or alternative to Quantum?

If you are looking for a replacement or alternative to Quantum, you will find that there are very few options. Quantum was for many years the number one software package for market research batch tabulations using a scripting language, but it has effectively been retired as it does not run under modern versions of Windows and is no longer advertised on the owner’s website.

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5 reasons to choose Snap instead of Qualtrics

Qualtrics is undoubtedly a market-leading online software platform for the market research and insights industry. However, although it has a big user base, it doesn’t mean it is the right tool or, indeed, offers the best value. Qualtrics was acquired by the monolithic SAP in 2019, leading to increased pricing and, as far as one can tell, a drift away from medium-sized businesses providing market research services. So, how does Snap compare with Qualtrics?

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How to upgrade from QPSMR to MRDCL

Upgrading from QPSMR to MRDCL to produce crosstabulations and survey analysis/reporting is not a decision you should make lightly. There is a considerable gulf between a program with a graphical user interface (GUI) and any programming or scripting language. This is true about all software, not just QPSMR and MRDCL.

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Should I upgrade from QPSMR to MRDCL?

Experienced users of QPSMR often wonder whether they should upgrade to MRDCL. Many of our customers have taken this route, but it needs careful consideration to understand the pros and cons of making such a decision. Indeed, you could argue that taking on MRDCL is not so much an upgrade as having better tools at your disposal to handle complex or time-consuming tasks.


How much training is needed for MRDC’s products?

Learning how to use a new software product can often be frustrating. At MRDC Software, we like to be up front and tell you just how much effort will be needed on your part to go through the familiarisation and learning process. In fact, what this guide will offer is a breakdown of the likely time taken to become familiar with software, the likely time to become proficient and the time it takes to become an expert…