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Resolve Premium: Giving more flexibility to your survey analysis

Online surveys may have made conducting surveys easier, but survey analysis and reporting have undoubtedly become more complex. The reason? There is more choice about how researchers deliver findings and, consequently, buyers of research expect more flexibility. Resolve Premium, which we released early in 2021, offers a new alternative to the possibilities available.

10 things you should expect from a good survey software supplier

Market research software is in some ways no different from other software, but you are likely to need and understand detailed features for survey data collection, analysis and reporting. These detailed requirements mean that you will want to care about productivity, best practices and, often, learning the full scope of any software product.


What makes Resolve Premium different?

The real question is: ‘Is Resolve a unique survey analysis tool?’ Every market research software supplier wants to claim that its software is unique. Indeed, almost every business wants to claim that their product or service is unique. Of course, they rarely are unique. However, I am going to claim that Resolve is unique, and there are four BIG reasons. But, first, my claim.

How QPSMR supports the increasing importance of data compatibility in market research

Triple-S was the first step in market research in the early 1990s to make surveys easily transportable from one platform to another. Triple-S was arguably ahead of its time. Thirty years later, transferring data from one platform to another becomes increasingly important each year. More clients want access to their data, and research agencies need to provide data access in different forms. And, of course, this needs to come cheaply, quickly and easily. So, how does QPSMR fit into this modern need?