There’s an unspoken argument in the world of market research software. Which is better? Software that is driven by commands, usually known as scripting, or software driven by easier to use, menu driven systems, usually known as a GUI (pronounced goo-ey) or graphical user interface software.

I am sometimes shocked to see how inefficiently some market research data processing tasks are carried out. Every business has some inefficiencies…

If you search for online survey software, you can wade through several pages to find different products. However, few of these offer mixed modes or multimode surveys. Ignoring the paid-for advertising, the first page of the search (using incognito mode in Google Chrome) at the time of writing this article gave me a choice of SurveyMonkey, Google Forms and Qualtrics.

Learning how to use a new software product can often be frustrating. At MRDC Software, we like to be up front and tell you just how much effort will be needed on your part to go through the familiarisation and learning process. In fact, what this guide will offer is a breakdown of the likely time taken to become familiar with software, the likely time to become proficient and the time it takes to become an expert…

If you type the title of this blog into ChatGPT, it will rightly tell you that the cost of software to handle your surveys may vary from a few hundred dollars to many thousands per year. With so many survey processing platforms available, choosing the one that meets your budget and gives you what you need at the right price is important.

As a software vendor, I am often surprised how focused buyers of market research software are on the cost of the software licence. I fully understand the desire to obtain the best price or a discount for longer term licences, but the question I am rarely asked is “how much will I need to invest in staff to leverage the power of the software?”

Choosing the right online survey platform to meet your needs is difficult as there are some big hitters out there, with prices ranging from free or almost free to high-ticket items. In this blog article, we explore the BIG EIGHT – things you should consider so that you can set your budget sensibly.

There are around 100 software solutions for collecting market research survey data online. Many of these 100 solutions have compelling reasons to choose them instead of one of the other 99 offerings. This guide explores the key questions you should ask yourself when choosing the right online survey software tool.

Have you considered changing the software you use? If so, have you looked at the 10 biggest problems with switching your software? You might be sure that you need to change the software you use but it’s easy to postpone the decision. Is that the right decision? This article looks at the problems with switching to another software solution. Although it is applied to the market research industry, most of the factors apply to any business sector.

My company is both of a user of several software packages and a vendor of software packages. Whilst I have worked in the marketing and market research sectors for many years, I think this 7 Step Software Evaluation Approach works in any market. Carrying out effective software evaluations is important so that good business decisions are made.