With over a hundred crosstab software packages, including QPSMR, available to the insights and market research business, choosing if and when to upgrade to a powerful tab software product like MRDCL is a tough decision.

Upgrading from QPSMR to MRDCL to produce crosstabulations and survey analysis/reporting is not a decision you should make lightly. There is a considerable gulf between a program with a graphical user interface (GUI) and any programming or scripting language. This is true about all software, not just QPSMR and MRDCL.

Experienced users of QPSMR often wonder whether they should upgrade to MRDCL. Many of our customers have taken this route, but it needs careful consideration to understand the pros and cons of making such a decision. Indeed, you could argue that taking on MRDCL is not so much an upgrade as having better tools at your disposal to handle complex or time-consuming tasks.

If you type the title of this blog into ChatGPT, it will rightly tell you that the cost of software to handle your surveys may vary from a few hundred dollars to many thousands per year. With so many survey processing platforms available, choosing the one that meets your budget and gives you what you need at the right price is important.

Security and data privacy continue to grow in importance. New laws in the EU under GDPR are designed to make care of personal data increasingly important to companies. Whilst there is an established and obvious need for data security with online surveys, there has arguably been less rigour with CATI surveys.

One of the most widely used software packages in the market research and insights business is SPSS. Whether you love or hate it, most research agencies and most research or marketing departments of businesses worldwide will use SPSS.

Triple-S was the first step in market research in the early 1990s to make surveys easily transportable from one platform to another. Triple-S was arguably ahead of its time. Thirty years later, transferring data from one platform to another becomes increasingly important each year. More clients want access to their data, and research agencies need to provide data access in different forms. And, of course, this needs to come cheaply, quickly and easily. So, how does QPSMR fit into this modern need?

If you want to produce crosstabs (or tables) from surveys, the software choices include QPSMR, Q-Research, Wincross, Tabx, mTab, SPSS, MarketSight, SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics and many more. This guide focuses on menu-driven/graphical user interface (GUI) products and evaluates what these nine products offer, exploring their focus and strengths.

I am often asked what is the best software for cross tabulations, tables, crosstabs or whatever you call them. There is a huge choice of products ranging from high end products like MRDCL, Merlin, Quantum down to some free basic tools – and not forgetting Excel. But, QPSMR is a serious contender, but is it the best fit for you?

We are frequently asked by potential clients whether QPSMR Insight or MRDCL is the most suitable product for their needs…