Online surveys may have made conducting surveys easier, but survey analysis and reporting have undoubtedly become more complex. The reason? There is more choice about how researchers deliver findings and, consequently, buyers of research expect more flexibility. Resolve Premium, which we released early in 2021, offers a new alternative to the possibilities available.

As leading market research software suppliers, we have noticed an increased demand by research buyers to access their survey data in recent years. This demand is not new. Back in the 1980s, Quanvert allowed researchers to produce crosstabulations from surveys quickly and easily.

The real question is: ‘Is Resolve a unique survey analysis tool?’ Every market research software supplier wants to claim that its software is unique. Indeed, almost every business wants to claim that their product or service is unique. Of course, they rarely are unique. However, I am going to claim that Resolve is unique, and there are four BIG reasons. But, first, my claim.

I am often asked what is the best software for cross tabulations, tables, crosstabs or whatever you call them. There is a huge choice of products ranging from high end products like MRDCL, Merlin, Quantum down to some free basic tools – and not forgetting Excel. But, QPSMR is a serious contender, but is it the best fit for you?

Resolve is a new crosstabulation and charting product for market researchers and clients to analyse and report market research data. At first sight, this might seem like nothing new…

In some ways, market research data processing has not changed in years. As an industry, we collect data, clean the data, analyse the data and deliver it in some form to clients.

I remember in 1995 or thereabouts reading a prediction that proved to be wrong. The prediction was that, within five years, scripting market research analysis would be dead. Here we are in 2020, and complex or high volume market research…

We are frequently asked by potential clients whether QPSMR Insight or MRDCL is the most suitable product for their needs…

Whether you are producing online questionnaires, tabulations or reports, some market research software systems have friendly user interfaces and others use scripting languages. If you choose to buy a system that has powerful scripting, such as the MRDCL, how do you go about learning the language?

I have always admired Quantum as a market research analysis program. It is still powerful enough to process most survey tabulations, but after almost 20 years without development, its position has slipped. Whilst still functionally strong, modern releases of Windows do not support Quantum. The alternatives are few with MRDCL, Merlin and Uncle being the main choices.