There are 1001 platforms for market research and survey analysis. Since 2020, we have made it easy for platforms to embed our MRDCL product as a white-label product, giving more or less unlimited capabilities in building variables and generating the most complex crosstabs.

With over a hundred crosstab software packages, including QPSMR, available to the insights and market research business, choosing if and when to upgrade to a powerful tab software product like MRDCL is a tough decision.

I recently met someone who had collected a lot of marketing and market research data. I was asked whether it was better to prepare one or more PowerPoint presentations or to put the data into an online dashboard. As with most questions like this, the answer was “it depends”.

If you are looking for a replacement or alternative to Quantum, you will find that there are very few options. Quantum was for many years the number one software package for market research batch tabulations using a scripting language, but it has effectively been retired as it does not run under modern versions of Windows and is no longer advertised on the owner’s website.

Upgrading from QPSMR to MRDCL to produce crosstabulations and survey analysis/reporting is not a decision you should make lightly. There is a considerable gulf between a program with a graphical user interface (GUI) and any programming or scripting language. This is true about all software, not just QPSMR and MRDCL.

Experienced users of QPSMR often wonder whether they should upgrade to MRDCL. Many of our customers have taken this route, but it needs careful consideration to understand the pros and cons of making such a decision. Indeed, you could argue that taking on MRDCL is not so much an upgrade as having better tools at your disposal to handle complex or time-consuming tasks.

If you type the title of this blog into ChatGPT, it will rightly tell you that the cost of software to handle your surveys may vary from a few hundred dollars to many thousands per year. With so many survey processing platforms available, choosing the one that meets your budget and gives you what you need at the right price is important.

One of the most widely used software packages in the market research and insights business is SPSS. Whether you love or hate it, most research agencies and most research or marketing departments of businesses worldwide will use SPSS.

An explanation of why MRDCL may or may not be the right replacement for Quantum. Hundreds of software platforms now produce crosstabulations (sometimes called crosstabs, tables or tabulations). However, there is a massive difference between what Excel and top-end tabulation software products like Quantum, MRDCL, and Merlin can produce in terms of crosstabs.

MRDCL users are so used to runs completing in seconds that it sometimes comes as a surprise when a run takes several minutes or even hours to run. So, let’s look at the five things that will make your MRDCL runs faster because, in our experience, most long run times can be reduced hugely.