If you are looking for market research survey software, you might wonder how to start your search. I decided to explore the home pages of 61 survey software suppliers and check for the presence of 34 keywords.

In some ways, market research data processing has not changed in years. As an industry, we collect data, clean the data, analyse the data and deliver it in some form to clients.

Most software suppliers don’t like to face the fact that using most survey software for market research has problems. We have compiled the top ten issues that you may have to deal with because making a software purchase decision is not just about the functionality of the software.

I was going to call this blog article “Rethinking market research software expenditure”, but I thought it would be too easy to ignore. There is an ever-growing range of software available for various market research activities.

Online dashboards have come to the market research industry, but they are certainly not the norm for most projects. Market research will be in a better place once the key variables from EVERY market research project can be made available easily and inexpensively to research buyers.

Market research has adopted technology at varying speeds in its history, often at a different rate to other industries. Why is this? Is it important? CAPI, CAWI, CATI, tabulations, reporting and dashboarding all pose different wants and needs.

I am sometimes shocked to see how inefficiently some market research data processing tasks are carried out. Every business has some inefficiencies….

One of the things I like to do once a year is to question the way we do everything. This covers everything that I can think of – how new sales are handled, how purchase invoices are handled, how we answer the phone etc. You name it, I try to question it. It’s a good exercise and can involve everyone too.