Exporting data to SPSS from MRDCL or QPS

I’m not obsessed with buying shoes – far from it, but I’ve a pair of shoes for when I am around the house, a pair of shoes for casual wear, a pair for work, a pair for meeting friends, a pair for walking, a pair climbing over rough terrain etc. etc. Similarly with software, you need different “pairs of shoes”.

The need for more software

For some time, it has been my belief that we will keep needing more software solutions to do our job. The simple fact of the matter is that there is ever increasing amounts of data and more people who want to get their hands on that data. It follows, therefore, that different users will want to do different things with the data – quick counts, charts, figures in reports, figures on dashboards, figures in Excel for combining other data, data available in proprietary systems….the list goes on and on.

One size doesn’t often fit all

Because of this need for data for different purposes, it’s unlikely that one single software solution will solve all your needs. I love SPSS, but only, I am afraid, for doing multivariate statistics. There’s some things that I don’t think it does very well (like crosstabs) and some things that it probably does well but I never need. So, I use it for multivariate work and to check files from our software or that clients have sent us, but not much else.

Getting data from MRDC products to SPSS is easy

If you want to get data from MRDCL or QPS to SPSS though, it’s a similar procedure. It’s pretty much a button press as you select Export on the Data menu in either program. But, you might want to be cleverer than that. You might want to re-order variables or just export a few variables. Again, that’s easy with MRDCL or QPS as you can use DTV files to choose the variables that are exported and the order that they will appear in SPSS. There’s a video that shows you how easy it is. Oh, and why is it called a DTV file, you might ask? I have never been sure but I think it stands for directory of variables, but, then again, I’ve never understood shoe sizes are different around the world.