The Game Changer: Snap Surveys

The mode of conducting surveys changes over time – from paper to phone interview surveys to online surveys which are now frequently used by most research companies and establishments. MRDC Software is now stepping up in providing our customers the most up-to-date software and introducing the better ways to do your surveys, Snap Surveys.

What is Snap?

Snap Surveys is a software package that provides almost everything when it comes to surveying. It is owned by Snap Surveys, a UK company focusing on helping their clients to get accurate insights in order to make better decisions. As more customers can be reached through the internet, more surveys are moving to online. In Europe and North America, online data collection accounts for about 75-80% of questionnaires completed. In Asia, this is nearer to 30% but growing quickly. Snap Surveys is easy to use and navigate because it is designed in a way that it is time efficient that everyone will find the software simple and easy to understand.

What can you do in Snap?

In using Snap Surveys, you can customize your questionnaire for online, paper, mobile and kiosk-based surveys. It is very flexible such that you can make your questionnaires stand out using their interactive designs that will optimize your surveys to increase response rates with prebuilt survey questionnaires available in their library. Making surveys engaging will help to improve response rates. It may seem counterintuitive but respondents are more willing to complete a slightly longer questionnaire that is interesting rather than a shorter boring questionnaire.

Response styles can really affect the validity of your reports, for this reason, Snap allows us to do question routing and text masking to make sure respondents answer the appropriate questions, giving users the data they need to deliver accurate results and recommendations. As more and more companies are into globalization, surveys should have the capacity to reach your customers around the world to ensure that you are delivering customer satisfaction, with that being said, Snap provides tools to design your surveys in any language you prefer. This key feature of Snap will make surveys more flexible as our questionnaire will contain number of languages where respondents will simply choose their preferred language for the survey. Snap Surveys has a wide-range of innovative alternatives for you to tailor-fit your questionnaires to your target market.

Snap WebHost

You and your colleagues will have an easy online and mobile survey management through Snap WebHost. With Snap WebHost, managing the flow of your survey will be a piece of cake. One feature of Snap WebHost is the creating of email invitations and reminders for your respondents. This feature can increase your response rate since Snap will let you not just to send email invitations but also to set a day where Snap will automatically send a reminder to your respondents. Snap WebHost also allows you to share surveys via social media and manage your survey quota. Summary reports such as live data are available in Snap WebHost where your colleagues and even your clients can produce analysis and reports for less than US$50 per year.

Smart Reporting

Snap is doing its job in giving you the best way in doing your survey with Snap’s Smart Reporting. In Smart Reporting you can generate multiple and complex reports once you have already created your report framework. You can create reports that will best fit the understanding of your readers. Using Smart Reporting, you can have accurate reports to help you to be the best in the market.

As Marketing Research becomes an ongoing activity of a business to address problems or finding opportunities in the market, different ways to enhance this process are essential in all kinds of businesses that want to deliver value to their customers. As MRDC Software wants you to experience our one-stop-shop for all your marketing research software needs, we are bringing Snap Surveys and together let’s get accurate insights to make better decisions.

To find out more how Snap Surveys will be your helping hand in running your establishment, call us at +44 (0)1892 740411 (UK office) or send us an email at / and don’t forget to visit our website.